Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DJ CFabb: Booty Be Gone? Not Completely, but Just a Little!

When I'm at home, I usually follow a similar routine every morning. I get up, eat something, watch tv for a half hour or so, check facebook, blogs, music sites, etc, and make iced coffee. So now that I'm on a crazy caffeine rush, I go upstairs to change for the gym, except changing for the gym usually takes about 30 minutes. Why? Well, because it turns into a crazed caffeinated dance session...obvs. I sing, I dance, it's fantastic. 

Now if you read yesterday's post, you know that I've been a tad emotionally stressed. My brain is all over the place but today I let some of it go Ally McBeal style...

In my opinion, some of the greatest minutes of television.

However, my usual dance party occurred much later in the day and for twice as long. I danced for a little over an hour and used the session to get myself amped and off to the gym. I made a new playlist called, "Booty Be Gone" including some of the oldies and newbies I danced to this afternoon. With the help of a friend, who has actually drunkenly referred to me as "Lil Miss Blog Master," (I don't hate it!) I remembered how much I like NY radio stations such as Hot 97.1, Power 105.1, and even 103.5 KTU. I get all white girl, indie rock in DC but in NJ, I get mahh swag back (yes, I just said 'mahh swag'). Here's a sample of the "Booty Be Gone" playlist:

You Be Killin' Em by Fabolous

Available (Benny Benassi edit) by Flo Rida feat. Akon and Ke$ha
*Skip through to about 1:10 then give it time, it gets gooood.

Hold On by Maino feat. Mya

Fraser's Song (MIA, Savoy, Rye Rye, YY Twins, Mike Jones) by Mochi Beats
*This is the continuous mix, "Fraser's Song" starts at 4:30
Get the individual track for working out, it rocks

My Chick Bad by Ludacris and Nicki Minaj
(I have to admit that I made a dance to this song today)

Blow by Ke$ha

Higher by Taio Cruz feat. Travie McCoy

Party All Day (Sleep All Night) by Sean Kingston

Dance Dreams by Divide & Kreate

Sexy Bitch (remix) by Akon & David Guetta vs. Flo Rida vs. LMFAO

Enjoy and get to the gym, NYE on FRIDAY!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just Call Me "Ms. Carbon-Copy"

"This old corduroy coat, it's not keeping me 
dry but I can't think of what else to try" - Joshua Radin

I've always been a big believer in the saying, "everything happens for a reason." I believe that whatever happens in life is what is supposed to happen and that I might not know why for hours, days, months, or years. When it comes to relationships, everyone always says "it'll happen when you least expect it" or "when you're not looking for it, that's when it'll find you." The two ideas go hand-in-hand...basically, I'm supposed to let fate take its course and let life happen on its own. My question (and I'll have more in a little bit) is where's the line between letting fate do it's thing versus considering that the easy way out and watching your life happen without you making any decisions? What I mean to say is, when and how are we supposed to know when to intervene, kick fate to curb, and make something happen for ourselves?

Recently, this question is on my mind because there is a person that is clueless as to how I feel because our paths do not cross and they are not likely to cross without me making an effort to cross them. I'm not giving too many more details than that but put it this way, he doesn't know anything and it's not because of anything other than circumstance (I'm trying to make the point that he's not just some jerk who should know but doesn't, blah blah).

The key words in the previous paragraph are "me making an effort to cross them". Some say that guys like it when the girl takes over, makes the first move, and shows initiative. Some would say that if a guy wants to make a move, then he will, but what if he would have no idea that there is even a chance here? What if in this case there is absolutely no shot of him making a first move? Ugh. This is when I start asking myself "if the situation was reversed how would I react? would I think it was totally weird and aggressive or spontaneous and just crazy enough to think about it?" I definitely tend to think that I'd be on team 2, but let's be serious...I'm me, a hopeless romantic at heart.

This is reminding me of my early high school years and the dreaded college counseling. My parents and I asked every admissions counselor and every teacher the same thing, "Is it better to get B's in advanced placement courses or A's in regular level courses?" The answer was always, "Hmm I'd say it's better to get A's in advanced placement courses." Well great, thanks for all your help. In this case, is it better to make a move and take my chances that it might turn out badly or to sit back and let fate decide? There's no way to know for certain one way or the other. "Hmm, I'd say a mixture of both is the best way to go". I make a move, resulting in a positive response, and the rest is up to fate. Perfect world much?

I chose the quote to introduce this post because I think it captures a little bit of what I'm trying to say. The past few months, I've really just been letting whatever happen happen and this tactic just doesn't seems to be working for me anymore. I'm getting impatient but I don't really know what else to try. Maybe I should stop letting fate dictate everything and be a little ballsy every now and then. I mean, really, what do I have to lose? Again, ugh.

You Got Growing Up to Do by Joshua Radin

I'm also struggling because in the past I have put myself out there, I'm rarely afraid to do that, but somewhere deep down I know I'm forcing a situation that really isn't meant to be. Is that happening again?

So, blahhh blahh blahh biddy blahh blahh. Since you just read this whole thing, don't ever tell anyone that you don't know an over-analyzer. You think that was bad? Just imagine how absurd it is in my head!

Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack in "Serendipity"
For the poor souls who have yet to see it, the whole movie is based on two people who meet and decide if they're meant to be together they will find each other some day. HOWEVER, John Cusack's character goes on the hunt for her, basically saying "screw off, fate!"...but in the end, fate wins. The g.d. combination of both sides of the argument! (See the movie and you'll understand the title of the post as well).

To let fate continue its path or stir the pot and make some moves on my own? Hmm. Imma have to sleep on it...oh wait...that would require me to actually be able to fall asleep one of these days. Tootles!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Best of 2010: Photographs

"I know way too many people here right now that I didn't know last year
Who the eff are ya'll? I swear it feels like the last few nights we been
everywhere and back but I just can't remember it all" -Drake

Sassarella's Year in Photos:
(I narrowed it down to about 4 photos per month, it was a serious challenge)

January: Vinny drove Drew's Porsche home after we got drunk at the Nonna's
holiday party and the FP Police were called by our angry cab driver

January: My Birthday at Lana Lounge in Hoboken, NJ.
"I am on a 24 hour champagne diet"

January: "I know he's from NY by the way he orders his drinks"
Four Seasons hotel, Washington, DC

February: Snowpocalypse. No school for a week!

February: Imma be chillin with mah motha motha crew

February:"Bitch, back up. YOU GOT BAD BREATH!"

March: Hoboken St. Patrick's Day. 
Easily one of the greatest days of my drinking life.

March: I said how low can you gooooo?

March: "If it was yesterday, it would be 9:33!!"

March: DJ CFabb @ Rhino
DJ: "Can you watch my stuff for a minute? Just don't go back there..."

April: "It's straight that way, kiddo!"
My first time on a motorcycle!

April: Finally saw the best DJ ever in action at Cloak Lounge, NYC
ALWAYS an Adventure x25 that night!

April: Luc's car seat in Sammy's SUV

April: Lu & Vin at Rhino

May: Renegade Pigs fundraiser at Rhino to support a fallen MC police officer

May: On our way to Libations, NYC
"Is this real life?!" YUP.

May: "I'm on a boat!"

May: MDW with the best of Jersey

June: Skippy and his biotches

June: Blast from high school past @ Darkhorse

June: Fish does Jersey, itinerary and all!
"Have you ever seen someone order 15 shots at a time?!"

June: I'm so happy to have such an "EXTREME" friend

July: Dinner, wine, Gucci shoes stuck in a grate, and Meaty Man. Done.

July: Yanks, baby!

July: "Gaga ooo laa roma ro ma ma!"
Doing "The LuAnn" with Tara at Sona

July: Drew's Bday @ Crimson, NYC
Find the stage and we'll be on it.

July: First time @ Bar A
"You girls just look like you're from North Jersey"

August: Roadtrip to DC, Sammy at Rhino!
"I just thought you should know that God loves you...and Jesus too"

August: New boyfriend? THREE 6 MAFIA loved Sammy.

August: Last hoorah at Sona
"This is la familia, I'll explain later"

August: "Isn't is always Christie's last night?" -Sean

September: Back to school. Clyde's, Washington, DC.

September: PSU Football Saturday at Rhino

September: O Street
"How come when you drink it always feels like there are 10000 people here?"

September: Reunited - "Don't ever look back, don't ever look back"

October: Sisstuhh sisstuhhh weekend in Washington, DC

October: Sign of the Whale, Washington, DC
DJ Pauly D and JWOWW

October: Allie won the Snooki hair contest @ The Whale!

October: B. Ryan as Rhino's very own pirate beer tub girl

November: Fantastic Florio Purple Party, Fort Lauderdale, FL
"When I put on Lady Gaga, you're gonna weep!"

November: Adventure to The Atlas Room on H Street
"Geeeez Fish, who's idea was this anyway?!"

November: FedEx the win to PSU!
It was a "Hot Christie" vs "Hot Adam" Connect 4 showdown

November: Restaurant Depot, "Yeah, you got dat veal in the back?"

November: Thanksgiving Eve, Sona in Morristown, NJ
"What am I supposed to do with bread?" .. "Butter it, bitch"

December: Newseum Party, Washington, DC

December: Rhino waitresses night out!
"We shouldn't go to Rhino yet if we're going to continue talking about this..."

December: Zinzi Christmas Party, Grand Hyatt Washington, DC
"I'm just wondering how many drinks I've actually been served over
the years by all of you? Hmm better not to think about it!" - Catoggio

December: Zinzi Christmas Party
Me and my reasons why I loved life this fall - Saturday AM crew!

So who wants to be in next year's pictures? I can't wait to see who I'm going to meet and what amazing things I'm going to do and see. This coming year, 2011, will bring a college graduation and a new life for me. I'm just not sure what that new life will be yet...hmm...and please don't anyone else ask me!! When I know, you'll know and I'm sure I'll be posting it here! Hey, who knows, maybe I'll run away with ass man from the gym and live happily ever after? Haa haa haa.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Runnin' Around: What a Pig

While at home, I work out at the fabulous Lifetime Fitness in Florham Park. I go on the same treadmill every time and if someone is on it, it throws off my entire workout. I like this treadmill because it is in an awesome people watching spot. When Lauren and I go to the gym together, we almost fall off the g.d. machines because we're so busy looking around at everyone else and at each other. If particular trainers, "the guy in the Under Armour body suit", or "the guy that's really cute with the blah blah" is there, we look at each other and giggle like little girls. The gym is more of a "see who's there" experience as opposed to a "get sweaty and shed pounds" experience.

So today I was on my usual treadmill checking things out. I should also mention that I tend to get really into certain songs and dance a little with my hands while I'm running (don't judge, it's what gets me through!). Anyway, I went at a weird time so not many people were there but I did notice a meathead looking dude in all black (me likey) and thought "hmm how you doin'?" I usually walk around with my ipod on, which is an indication that I don't want to be spoken to, however today my ipod died in the last minute of my workout. I walked over to the water fountain, ipod less, to get a quick drink before going to shower. Meathead dude comes up to the water fountain next to me and says, "So, treadmill is your thing, huh?" I replied, "Uhh yeah, I guess so." I fiddled with my water bottle to give him another few seconds to come up with something better to say when he says, "I saw you rockin' out..." wait for it....."I also saw your ass." BOOM. There it was. He actually just said "I also saw your ass".
Now there could be days or phases in my life that I would think his comment is disgusting, but kinda hot, and I would totally go with it and say something saucy like "Really? Well let me see yours." Or something way less lame than that. But that day was not today. I turned to him and said, "Oh yeah? And what's your thing? Pig-headed pick up lines at the water fountain?" SASS-A-RELL-A. Meathead dude muttered something along the lines of "woah whatever" and we went our separate ways.

I'm not trying to put meatheads down, trust me, I have a weird thing for them, but this was like WTF?! Was he expecting me to fall weak at the knees or strip my clothes off right there? Whatever.

He was cute so if he followed up my sass comment with a clever, Logan Huntzberger response we might have walked away from a bickering match thinking "that was kinda fun, let's do that again sometime". Or better yet, couldn't he have just said, "Hi. My name is something other than Chris, Tom, Rob, or anything starting with the letter J (please, give me a new name for goodness sake). I live in the area, I have a great job, I'm in my late 20s to early 30s, I'm not married, and I'd love to take you out to Nobu tonight by private jet....oh, and I'll give you my AMEX so you can go get a DVF dress and LV bag to wear tonight." I mean, is that too much to ask? Couldn't he have just said that instead of "I also saw your ass". I kid, I kid he didn't need to say awwwllll of that but "I saw you rockin' out....I'm (blank) what's your name" would have worked just fine. I kinda want to see him there again. I have to come up with something funny and fabulous to say to him. Any ideas?!

So I'm about to get the family, holiday stuff started
but I leave you with the words of Carrie Bradshaw, 

"Is it true? Are all men freaks?!"